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Why Use a Business Consultant?

At KiwiCRM, we offer so much more than just technical knowledge. As business consultants, we have the knowhow and experience to evaluate your business and help you to optimise the use of your resources, enhance your business model, and prepare for future growth.What Do Business Consultants Do?Our business consultants take a three-step approach to helping Continue Reading...

Using Zoho CRM with Google Apps

For business owners looking to integrate their CRM solution with cloud application providers, Zoho CRM has the perfect architecture to seamlessly link with providers such as Google. In addition to the cutting edge CRM solutions provided by Zoho CRM itself, business users can benefit greatly from linking up with the powerful applications provided by Google. Continue Reading...

“Finger on the Pulse” Customer Feedback

Correct and timely feedback from customers is imperative to your business. Traditionally, this important customer feedback was mainly garnered from painstaking research such as customer surveys, which are commonly slow, inaccurate, and need to be manually cross-referenced with other information in your customer management system, making the whole process laborious and inefficient.A Revolution in Customer Continue Reading...

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