Check Zoho CRM paid edition

Check Zoho CRM Advanced paid edition

When you sign, you can choose the edition you wish to try. If you chose free edition. You still have the option to try for free any of the three paid edition later on. To do so, please follow this steps.

[1] Click the Try Other Editions link on the top left:

Zoho Registraation

[2] In the pup up, you can choose the edition you wish to try:


[3] Choose your desired edition. You will now have this edition for 15 days to try and evaluate.
Once the 15 days past (and you did not subscribed), you would automatically be redirected back to the free edition.
If you still need more time contact us and we will extend your free trail.

The Zoho CRM installation and your data are always the same. Only the functional capability of Zoho changes by the edition. So changing edition wont require you to sign-up again and it wont effect your data.

This excel (click to download) explains the differences between the different versions.
Still feel little confused, contact us and we will help you choose the edition that fits your business needs the most.