“Finger on the Pulse” Customer Feedback

kiwi-crm-feedback2Correct and timely feedback from customers is imperative to your business. Traditionally, this important customer feedback was mainly garnered from painstaking research such as customer surveys, which are commonly slow, inaccurate, and need to be manually cross-referenced with other information in your customer management system, making the whole process laborious and inefficient.

A Revolution in Customer Feedback Management

Now, with Zoho CRM and KiwiCRM’s Finger on the Pulse customer feedback for SMEs, you can have a powerful ongoing continuous real-time overview of your customers and how they are interacting with your company. Drill down to specific demographics in the Zoho console to see detailed feedback from your most important asset – your customers.

Finger on the Pulse allows you to quickly find dissatisfied customers and remedy any problem before it becomes a larger issue. When the customer feedback is instead good, you can use Zoho CRM with Finger on the Pulse to see where your products are performing well, and use the feedback for future marketing campaigns and product decisions.

All customer interaction comes under one umbrella with Finger on the Pulse, giving you a one-stop-shop for the management of all of your customer relationships. In one location, using one set of data, take control of customer relationships, sales processes, transaction cycles, customer life cycles, customer surveys, product support, aftersales, customer interaction, customer retention, and marketing.

With this powerful system in place, you can learn about your business and your market iteratively, while constantly reinforcing your customers’ trust in your company and satisfaction with your services.

KiwiCRM Helps Make Zoho Shine

Using a powerful CRM like Zoho to effectively manage your customer base takes more than simply installing the CRM with default settings and expecting it to revolutionize your business. It is true that Zoho is the most effective customer relationship management systems available today; it harnesses the power of Software as a Service (SAAS) to allow you and your staff to remotely manage your customer retention at a huge cost saving. There are no hardware installation costs, no on-site maintenance costs, and no need to allocate expensive resources. But to truly take advantage of all the benefits of this revolutionary software, rely on KiwiCRM to set up and manage your CRM installation, tailoring the system to your personal requirements.

We know you need your CRM, sales, marketing, and customer feedback to work together perfectly like a well-oiled machine. With Zoho and Finger on the Pulse customer feedback technology from KiwiCRM, your business will be in the perfect position to monitor your customers and react to their every need – instantly.

To find out about how ‘Finger on the Pulse’ can work for your business. Contact us on 09 889 0212.

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