Zoho CRM platform is a classic software for ‘service on demand’  application, which gives you total control over application development and  solution deployment. Thus, Zoho CRM can create custom web applications and  deliver them quickly, while overcoming many of the difficulties that are usually  encountered by anyone trying to provide such a solution independently, such as  hosting solution on expensive servers, servers maintenance and backup, database management, etc . Zoho CRM has proven track record of solution in the following  industries:
  • Zoho CRM sales, marketing, advertising
  • Zoho CRM system is a general management system of all the tiers related  to increasing customer base, customers management and retention, support,  service and sales, and of course tools for analyzing financial results.
  • Zoho CRM for universities and colleges
  • Zoho CRM system for universities and colleges allows management of leads  that come from social networks and online advertising campaigns and media. With ZOHO CRM you can manage leads, segment lead sources, and discover which  campaign has the highest conversion rate.
  • Zoho CRM schools and experience
  • Zoho CRM Customer Relationship Management system facilitates management  of profit and non-profit organizations, e.g. course management: who  registered, person’s details and payments, tutor details, group activities  and more …
  • Zoho CRM for call centers
  • Zoho Customer Relationship Management for call centers  captures all sales interactions. Zoho CRM records  conversation time, name of person, conversation results, and provides tools  for analyzing clusters of calls. The recently launched PHONE BRIDGE  CTI integration allows you to answer the customer directly from the CRM  system.
  • Zoho CRM Conferences and Events
  • Zoho CRM Customer Relationship Management system can  also benefit companies managing conferences, as well as those generating  events, by sending mails to conference participants according to p redetermined schedules, sending SMS messages, handling WORKFLOW processes  and more.
  • Zoho CRM Service on Demand and other online tools.
  • Together with the system we developed for marketing by email, in  addition to Web-based survey solutions, all of these together are ideally  suited for small to medium businesses, due to their stability and broad  functional layout, according to demand, without unnecessary trouble – and  all these for affordable prices!
What can  we do for you? Our team has extensive knowledge of CRM applications, CRM training, marketing  via email and web-based business solutions covering a wide spectrum of  businesses. We at Auz Customer Relationship Management can implement  the right tools under a single gateway (Single Sign On (SSO)) that fits your  business model, and include them in your website and your other network  solutions in order to help you in the best possible way.
  • Yes we can!Achieve a higher employee efficiency
  • Yes we can!Reach the right customers with the correct information
  • Yes we can!Maximize  your sales potential
  • Yes we can!Turn  your business vision into reality.

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We recognize the importance of well-structured organization of sales processes, marketing, customer support, and customer relationship management which produces business benefits such as increasing the staff efficiency and creating a transparent work environment of all key processes for the management. The result: an in-depth vision of the business and the ability to make educated business decisions based on accurate information. By giving your business more effective web presence, and implementing the Zoho CRM, our SEO services, and effective marketing by email, can help you with acquiring new customers, expanding your business and handle customer relationship management, while maximizing your return on investment. Call us for a free of charge, no obligation, with questions and inquiries and we will take it from there. Create a free account… (first three users for free)