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The best businesses have software that runs according to their business needs, not the other way around. Whether it is a mobile app or a project management system, software within a business should be geared towards the functions, needs and goals of the business.

Customer management is a crucial aspect of business, it needs the utmost efficiency for the business to succeed. Smart businesses realize the importance of an effective customer relationship management (CRM) that maps itself onto the business process. That is precisely what Kiwi CRM provides.

An alliance partner of Zoho, Kiwi CRM provides a holistic CRM to meet the various needs of businesses in diverse industries. Their approach is to marry your business to your software. This is based on the concept of business process mapping.

With effective business process mapping, Kiwi CRM gives entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to restructure their business. This way,Kiwi CRM plays the role of a competent business specialist and technology partner for smart businesses.

As business process specialists, Kiwi CRM will implement Zoho CRM based on your unique business needs and goals. This inevitably translates into your better to better manage your customers. The CRM offers numerous powerful capabilities, ranging from marketing automation and territory management to advanced analytics to sales tracking. All of these are customized to your specific needs, giving your business a sharp competitive edge.

With Zoho by Kiwi CRM running behind the scenes, you will be able to manage your customers exactly the way you should be managing them, instead of resorting to a generic customer relationship system.

The underlying objective of Kiwi CRM is to help businesses become more efficient. Thanks to the CRM, you get clear customer relationship map, one that helps you spend less time managing clients while ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Happy customers, more customers…all thanks to the power and simplicity of Kiwi CRM’s Zoho solution.

Business process mapping is about using the least resources while providing maximum productivity/efficiency, and that is what the CRM helps your business do. The most cost-effective and reliable CRM available, Zoho is used by over 10 million users across the world.

Feel free to join the club of smart businesses. Try Zoho today, no credit card needed.

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