Understanding the Difference between a Programmer and a Business Consultant

Image by Thong Vo

Image by Thong Vo

When one deals in complex CRM systems, there are two distinct types of CRM consultants one can use – programmers and business consultants.   Deciding between these for your project will greatly affect the end result.

A CRM implementation by both type of consultant will take on average the same time to build and will cost roughly the same, assuming they are both charging similar hourly rates. So what is the different between these two types of specialist, and how should you choose between them?

Traditionally the requirement the business owner has for their CRM implementation is to automate business processes and reduce administrative workload. Most business are all too aware of the shortcomings of their current business processes. Therefore an effective CRM implementation is a matter of addressing the shortfall of the current business with the new CRM, and as long as this is communicated accurately to the programmer, addressing this shortcoming can be accomplished easily by a CRM programmer.

A business consultant, on the other hand, has a much more prominent role in identifying the shortcomings in the existing business process and seeing exactly how a new CRM can offer improvements. This unique knowledge is a combination of multiple disciplines, and requires a precise cross-industry skillset.  

Therefore, a CRM expert needs to have a number of skills over and above technical skills in order to really contribute to the success of their customers:

  • Experience in the buying cycle, and not just in the sales cycle
  • Ability to identify weaknesses in the sales cycle and offer solutions
  • Can help foster a process of learning in the business so that the business can continually improve
  • Can build team collaboration and implement change management policy
  • Can offer multiple approaches to team building and increasing sale performance
  • Can identify emerging trends and niche markets to exploit
  • Understands how to construction a data warehouse, and how to interrogate this data effectively
  • Can constructs the algorithms that turn this information into business knowledge

With all these skills, a business consultant is the CRM expert perfectly placed to take a high level view of the business needs, delivering a CRM solution that streamlines business processes and reduces administration overhead significantly.

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