Why Use a Business Consultant?

Business ConsultantAt KiwiCRM, we offer so much more than just technical knowledge. As business consultants, we have the knowhow and experience to evaluate your business and help you to optimise the use of your resources, enhance your business model, and prepare for future growth.

What Do Business Consultants Do?

Our business consultants take a three-step approach to helping your company grow. First is an overall evaluation state, where we get to know you, your business, and your business’ operating model. Secondly we identify your key resources and how you are using them, including assessing the software platforms key to the operation of your business. Finally, in the third stage we work with you to reorganise and restructure these key resources to ensure that you are using them at maximum efficiency and implement the right CRM solution, if relevant.

Our Approach

Every business is different, but business consultancy will usually include the following steps:

  1. Discovery – We work with you and your employees to discern your current company market, assets, liabilities, competitors, strengths and weaknesses. We gain an overall picture of your company, and – importantly – the culture inside your company. We help ascertain where your business has best potential for future growth.
  2. Evaluation – With this knowledge in hand, we can dig deeper to see how your most important assets are being utilised within the business. At this state we get a clear idea of your business processes, and can use this to build a plan for how we can help optimise and restructure the day to day operating of your business.
  3. Restructuring – At this point we carefully help steer your business towards its newly focused goals, eliminating your liabilities or turning your liabilities into assets. In many cases the changes can be seismic, but we ensure that disruption to your ongoing business is kept to a minimum.
Our Experience

We stress to our clients that implementing poorly thought out changes to your key business processes can be more detrimental than helpful to your core business. Instead of rushing into getting the ‘next best thing’, we advocate careful evaluation of where software and technology can truly offer you gains, and focus on these gains. This is why choosing business consultants that understand your business is always the right choice.

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